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An inspiring write up from Barton, Brigg & Wolds Circuit's eco-journey
The 'Totally Locally Eco-Fair' was started up in March 2023. It ran for 9 months and attracted a number of stallholders including Zero Waste Café, GreenJay eco-products and from early on both Men in Sheds and RebootNL who worked together with the latter doing computer repairs and the former more general repairs to all manner of broken and nonfunctioning items! Initially this ran from the Methodist Church and then in an attempt to boost footfall from St Johns Church Hall with easy access from the high street.
Though supported by a number of adherents there was never enough public interest to make this financially viable. Those stall holders who needed a certain level of sales to make it worthwhile never quite achieved this. And if they pulled out that made the event less attractive to the passing punter! Reflecting on this experience we came to the conclusion that our objective was never to 'buy' our way out of a climate crisis by promoting the consumption of more 'stuff' even, if they were eco products. Rather the priority is on reuse and recycle. So, we have no plans to run the eco-fair in 2024.
However, that's not the end! We have retained and developed the core, mainly non-purchasing, services of the eco-fair.....at Oikos

  • There is a far greater up of the school uniform exchange at Oikos as the shop is open three days per week rather than one day per month. And we set out the uniforms on Community Pantry days when we have never had less than 100 families come through the doors, and these most likely to value the free exchange.
  • The shop has extended its range of eco-products. These are all sourced via GreenJay so have never been looking to cut them out but rather than work in partnership. Again at the Community Pantry we offer to provide a free refill to those that bring in their empty plastic bottles: this from a selection of shampoos, conditioner, washing up liquid , washing liquid and another which I've just forgotten.
  • We have a Climate Change library available for folk to borrow
  • Men in Sheds approached Oikos to see if we cold host then one Saturday per month. So, this has started and they operate from the Upper Room. It's a win-win and attracts more folk onto the premises. The range of things they can repair if determined by who's in their organisation of course but it seems reasonably wide, from woodworking to electrical repairs.

Malcolm Bailey

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